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Contents (1987 - 70)
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Workers Compensation Act 1987 No 70
Current version for 25 March 2020 to date (accessed 8 April 2020 at 19:37)
Part 2 Section 11A
11A   No compensation for psychological injury caused by reasonable actions of employer
(1)  No compensation is payable under this Act in respect of an injury that is a psychological injury if the injury was wholly or predominantly caused by reasonable action taken or proposed to be taken by or on behalf of the employer with respect to transfer, demotion, promotion, performance appraisal, discipline, retrenchment or dismissal of workers or provision of employment benefits to workers.
(3)  A psychological injury is an injury (as defined in section 4) that is a psychological or psychiatric disorder. The term extends to include the physiological effect of such a disorder on the nervous system.
(4)  This section does not affect any entitlement to compensation under this Act for an injury of a physical nature even if the injury is a physical symptom or effect of a psychological injury, so long as the injury is not merely a physiological effect on the nervous system.
(5)    (Repealed)
(6)  This section does not extend the definition of injury in section 4. In particular, this section does not affect the requirement in section 4 that a disease is not an injury unless it is contracted by the worker in the course of employment.
This section does not affect section 9A (No compensation payable unless employment substantial contributing factor to injury).
(7)  In the case of a claim for weekly payments of compensation in respect of incapacity for work resulting from psychological injury, the medical certificate required to accompany the claim must (in addition to complying with the requirements of section 65 of the 1998 Act) use, for the purpose of describing the worker’s condition, accepted medical terminology and not only terminology such as “stress” or “stress condition”.
(8)  If a claim is deficient because subsection (7) has not been complied with and the insurer or self-insurer concerned notifies the worker in writing of the deficiency (including details of what is required to comply with that subsection) as soon as practicable after receiving the deficient claim then (unless the insurer or self-insurer waives that requirement)—
(a)  the claim is not considered to have been duly made for the purposes of section 93 of the 1998 Act until subsection (7) is complied with, and
(b)  proceedings before the Commission cannot be commenced in respect of the claim until subsection (7) is complied with.