Criminal Procedure Act 1986 No 209
Current version for 14 May 2020 to date (accessed 6 June 2020 at 12:37)
125   Certain matters not affected
(1)  This Division does not authorise the Criminal Listing Director—
(a)  to fix or change the venue of proceedings, except with the consent of the accused person and the prosecutor, or
(b)  to determine when or where a court is to exercise its jurisdiction.
(2)  Nothing in this Division relating to the Criminal Listing Director affects—
(a)  the power of the Attorney General to fix or change the venue of any matter,
(b)  the power of a court to regulate proceedings before it,
(c)  the power of a court to adjourn any matter,
(d)  proceedings in the Court of Criminal Appeal,
(e)  proceedings in the Supreme Court in its summary jurisdiction, or
(f)  proceedings under the Bail Act 2013.