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Contents (1983 - 42)
Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 No 42
Current version for 7 December 2017 to date (accessed 22 June 2018 at 07:52)
Part 5 Division 2 Section 57
57   Suspension of members from attending Council meetings
(cf clause 10 of Schedule 1 to 1996 Regulation)
(1)  A Local Aboriginal Land Council may suspend a member of the Council (other than a Board member) from attending meetings of the Council for a specified time (not exceeding 3 years) if the Council decides that the conduct of the member:
(a)  constitutes a serious breach of the Code of Conduct for members of the Local Aboriginal Land Council, or
(b)  is otherwise detrimental to the best interests of the Council.
(2)  During any period of suspension, the member is not entitled:
(a)  to attend meetings of that Council, or
(b)  to vote:
(i)  in elections for officers of the Council, or
(ii)  on any matter to be determined by the Council, or
(c)  if the member is also a member of another Local Aboriginal Land Council—to make a nomination to change the Council in relation to which the person has voting rights.
(3)  A Local Aboriginal Land Council that has suspended a member under this section may at any time revoke the suspension.
(4)  The chief executive officer of a Local Aboriginal Land Council that has suspended a member under this section must notify the Registrar of the suspension, and the details of the suspension, and of any revocation of that suspension.
(5)  At the end of the period of suspension, the member is entitled to attend Council meetings, vote and make a nomination in relation to voting rights unless the Council, by a further vote, held in accordance with this section, sets another period of suspension.