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Contents (1983 - 42)
Aboriginal Land Rights Act 1983 No 42
Current version for 1 July 2018 to date (accessed 17 July 2018 at 12:05)
Part 2 Division 4 Section 42P
42P   Effect of registration prohibition notices
(1)  The Registrar-General must not, except with the consent in writing of the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council notified in writing by the Chief Executive Officer of the Council, record or register in the Register any dealing if it appears to the Registrar-General that the registration or recording of the dealing is prohibited by a registration prohibition notice that has effect under this Division.
(2)  The New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council must not refuse to give consent under this section if:
(a)  the dealing or the registration or recording of the dealing is permitted by the applicable land dealing approval agreement, or
(b)  the dealing or the registration or recording does not materially affect the performance or enforcement of that agreement.
(3)  The regulations may provide that a registration prohibition notice does not prevent the Registrar-General from registering or recording a dealing of a class prescribed by the regulations.
(4)  If in any legal proceedings a question arises as to the validity of a registration prohibition notice, the court is to disregard any failure to comply strictly with the requirements of this Division as to the form of the notice.
(5)  This section:
(a)  has effect despite the Real Property Act 1900 or any other Act or law, and
(b)  does not affect the operation of any other prohibition or restriction relating to transfers or other dealings with land.