Land and Environment Court Act 1979 No 204
Current version for 7 December 2019 to date (accessed 2 June 2020 at 06:59)
Part 3 Division 3 Section 25B
25B   Orders for conditional validity of development consents
(1)  The Court may, instead of declaring or determining that a development consent to which this Division applies is invalid, whether in whole or in part, make an order—
(a)  suspending the operation of the consent in whole or in part, and
(b)  specifying terms compliance with which will validate the consent (whether without alterations or on being regranted with alterations).
(2)  Terms may include (without limitation)—
(a)  terms requiring the carrying out again of steps already carried out, or
(b)  terms requiring the carrying out of steps not already commenced or carried out, or
(c)  terms requiring acts, matters or things to be done or omitted that are different from acts, matters or things required to be done or omitted by or under this Act or any other Act.