Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203
Historical version for 26 October 2009 to 7 January 2010 (accessed 15 August 2020 at 13:07) Current version
Part 6 Division 1 Section 117
117   Directions by the Minister
(1)  The Minister may direct a public authority or person having functions under this Act or an environmental planning instrument to exercise those functions at or within such times as are specified in the direction.
(2)  In addition to any direction which may be given under subsection (1), the Minister may direct a council:
(a)  to exercise its functions under Division 4 or 5 of Part 3 in relation to the preparation of a local environmental plan in accordance with such principles, not inconsistent with this Act, as are specified in the direction, and
(b)  without limiting paragraph (a), to include in a planning proposal prepared by the council provisions which will achieve or give effect to such principles or such aims, objectives or policies, not inconsistent with this Act, as are specified in the direction, and
(c)  to provide the Minister, in the manner and at the times specified in the direction, with reports, containing such information as the Minister may direct, on the council’s performance in relation to planning and development matters.
(2A)  A direction under subsection (2):
(a)  may be given to a particular council or to councils generally, and
(b)  may require the inclusion in planning proposals of provisions to achieve or give effect to particular principles, aims, objectives or policies, and
(c)  may require planning proposals to be strictly consistent or substantially consistent with the terms of the direction (or provide for the circumstances in which an inconsistency can be justified).
Any such direction may be given to councils generally by its publication in the Gazette or on a website maintained by the Department (or both).
(2B)  A reference to a council in subsections (2) and (2A) includes a reference to a relevant planning authority under Division 4 of Part 3 that is not a council.
(3)  A public authority or person to whom a direction is given under subsection (1) or (2) shall comply, and is hereby empowered to comply, with the direction in accordance with the terms of the direction.
(4)  Before giving a direction under subsection (1) or (2), the Minister shall consult with the responsible Minister concerned.
(4A)  Before giving a direction under subsection (2) (c), the Minister is to consult with the Local Government and Shires Associations of New South Wales and any other industry organisation the Minister considers to be relevant, in relation to the information that the Minister is proposing to seek. This requirement is in addition to the requirement under subsection (4).
(5)  A local environmental plan (or any planning proposal or purported plan) cannot in any court proceedings be challenged, reviewed, called into question, prevented from being made or otherwise affected on the basis of anything in a direction under subsection (1) or (2).