Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203
Historical version for 26 October 2009 to 7 January 2010 (accessed 6 August 2020 at 06:03) Current version
Part 5 Division 5 Section 115K
115K   Environmental impact statements to be prepared
(1)  An environmental impact statement in respect of a designated fishing activity must be prepared for the purposes of an environmental assessment under this Division.
(2)  An environmental impact statement is required even if it would not be required under Division 3 if that Division applied to the carrying out of the designated fishing activity.
(3)  An environmental impact statement is to be prepared in accordance with the requirements of Division 3, and the regulations under that Division, relating to the preparation of such statements.
(4)  The Fisheries Minister is to make arrangements for the preparation of an environmental impact statement, including engaging a person to be responsible for the preparation of the statement.
(5)  The Fisheries Minister may, under those arrangements, require the proponents of the designated fishing activity to provide information or carry out investigations for the statement and to contribute to the cost of the preparation of the statement.
(6)  As soon as practicable after an environmental impact statement has been prepared and before public notice is given under section 115L, the Fisheries Minister is to give a copy of the statement to the Director-General.