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Contents (1979 - 13)
Coastal Protection Act 1979 No 13
Current version for 30 November 2016 to date (accessed 20 November 2017 at 20:44)
Part 4A Division 1 Section 55C
55C   Matters to be dealt with in coastal zone management plans
(1)  A coastal zone management plan must make provision for:
(a)  protecting and preserving beach environments and beach amenity, and
(b)  emergency actions carried out during periods of beach erosion, including the carrying out of related works, such as works for the protection of property affected or likely to be affected by beach erosion, where beach erosion occurs through storm activity or an extreme or irregular event, and
(c)  ensuring continuing and undiminished public access to beaches, headlands and waterways, particularly where public access is threatened or affected by accretion, and
(d)  where the plan relates to a part of the coastline, the management of risks arising from coastal hazards, and
(e)  where the plan relates to an estuary, the management of estuary health and any risks to the estuary arising from coastal hazards, and
(f)  the impacts from climate change on risks arising from coastal hazards and on estuary health, as appropriate, and
(g)  where the plan proposes the construction of coastal protection works (other than temporary coastal protection works) that are to be funded by the council or a private landowner or both, the proposed arrangements for the adequate maintenance of the works and for managing associated impacts of such works (such as changed or increased beach erosion elsewhere or a restriction of public access to beaches or headlands).
(2)  A coastal zone management plan must not include the following:
(a)  matters dealt with in any plan made under the State Emergency and Rescue Management Act 1989 in relation to the response to emergencies,
(b)  proposed actions or activities to be carried out by any public authority or relating to any land or other assets owned or managed by a public authority, unless the public authority has agreed to the inclusion of those proposed actions or activities in the plan.
(3)  Despite subsection (1), the Minister may give a direction under section 55B that a council make a coastal zone management plan that makes provision for only one or more of the matters referred to in that subsection as specified in the direction.