National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 No 80
Current version for 26 October 2018 to date (accessed 26 May 2020 at 23:24)
Part 4A Division 6 Section 71AO
71AO   Functions of boards of management
(1)  A board of management for lands to which this Division applies has the following functions:
(a)  the care, control and management of the lands,
(b)  the preparation of plans of management for the lands,
(c)  the supervision of payments from the Fund with respect to the lands.
(2)  Without limiting subsection (1), a board of management has the function of considering proposals for the carrying out, by Aboriginal owners or other Aboriginal persons, of cultural activities (such as hunting and gathering) within the lands and of approving, or refusing to approve, the carrying out of those activities.
(3)  A board of management must exercise its functions in accordance with any plan of management in force with respect to the lands for which it is established.
(4)  In the exercise of its functions, a board of management is subject to the control and direction of the Minister.
(5)  Despite subsection (4), the Minister may not give directions to a board of management in relation to:
(a)  the contents of any report, advice, information or recommendation that is to be or may be made or given by the board, or
(b)  any decision of the board, that is not inconsistent with this Act and the plan of management for the lands for which it was established, relating to the care, control and management of Aboriginal heritage and culture within the lands.
(6)  In the exercise of its functions with respect to the care, control and management of lands for which no plan of management is in force, a board of management is to consult with and have regard to the advice of the Chief Executive.
(7)  A board of management may delegate the exercise of any function of the board of management under this Act (other than this power of delegation) to:
(a)  a member of the board, or
(b)  a person employed in the Office, or
(c)  any person, or any class of persons, authorised for the purposes of this subsection by the regulations.