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Contents (1974 - 80)
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National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 No 80
Current version for 26 October 2018 to date (accessed 23 February 2020 at 10:14)
Part 4A Division 3 Section 71O
71O   Vesting and reservation of Schedule 14 lands
(1)  This section applies if:
(a)  no change in the classification of the Schedule 14 lands to which negotiations relate is proposed, or
(b)  no resolution disallowing a notification concerning a change in the classification of the Schedule 14 lands is or can be passed.
(2)  On completion of negotiations concerning the Schedule 14 lands and preparation of a draft lease in respect of those lands that is acceptable to, and has been executed in escrow by, the Minister and the Aboriginal Land Council or Councils concerned, the Governor may, by proclamation published in the Gazette:
(a)  revoke the existing reservation under this Act of the lands that are the subject of the proposed lease, and
(b)  vest those lands in the Aboriginal Land Council or Councils that are to lease the lands to the Minister (and, if more than one, as tenants in common), subject to the following:
(i)  any native title rights and interests that exist in relation to the lands concerned,
(ii)  any existing interest within the meaning of section 39,
(iii)  any licence issued under Part 9,
(iv)  any lease, licence, franchise or easement granted under Part 12,
(v)  any authority or consent issued under this Act or the regulations, and
(c)  reserve or dedicate those lands, with the appropriate classification, under this Act, subject to any matter referred to in paragraph (b) (i)–(v).