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Contents (1974 - 80)
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National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 No 80
Current version for 26 October 2018 to date (accessed 20 February 2020 at 20:05)
Part 4A Division 2 Section 71L
71L   Preference to vesting in Local Aboriginal Land Council—Schedule 14 lands
If both a Local Aboriginal Land Council or Councils and the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Council on its own behalf indicate that they wish Schedule 14 lands to be vested in them, the Minister is to give preference with respect to the vesting:
(a)  if the Minister is satisfied, after consulting the Registrar, that sufficient Aboriginal owners of the lands have been identified to adequately represent the wishes of Aboriginal persons who have a cultural association with the lands—to the wishes of the Aboriginal owners, or
(b)  if Aboriginal owners of the lands have not been so identified—to the wishes of the Local Aboriginal Land Council or Councils.