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Contents (1912 - 43)
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Banks and Bank Holidays Act 1912 No 43
Repealed version for 10 December 2008 to 30 December 2010 (accessed 25 April 2019 at 04:20)
Part 2 Division 1 Section 5
5   Quarterly abstracts to be published
(1)  From such weekly accounts and statements every bank shall, on the last Monday of each quarter ending on the thirty-first day of March, the thirtieth day of June, the thirtieth day of September, and the thirty-first day of December in every year, prepare a general abstract in writing, showing:
(a)  the average amount during such quarter of the assets, property, credits, and securities of every such bank, and
(b)  the debts, engagements, and liabilities of such bank,
in the form set forth in the Third Schedule.
(2)  To every such quarterly abstract shall be subjoined a statement exhibiting:
(a)  the amount of the capital stock of the bank preparing such abstract, paid up at the close of the quarter for which such abstract is prepared, and
(b)  the rate and amount of the last dividend declared by such bank to its shareholders or proprietors, and
(c)  the amount of the reserved profit of such bank at the time of declaring such dividend.
(3)  Every such respective quarterly abstract and statement shall be verified upon the oath of the managing director, manager, chief cashier, or clerk of the bank making the same; and shall, within one month after the close of every such quarter, or so soon thereafter as may be practicable, be delivered to the Chief Secretary to be laid before the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly, and published in the Gazette.