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Newcastle Local Environmental Plan 2012
Current version for 15 January 2020 to date (accessed 20 February 2020 at 10:12)
Part 4 Clause 4.1AA
4.1AA   Minimum subdivision lot size for community title schemes
(1)  The objectives of this clause are as follows—
(a)  to achieve lot sizes that meet community and economic needs, while ensuring that environmental and social values are safeguarded,
(b)  to ensure that lot sizes are sufficient to meet user requirements and to facilitate energy efficiency of the future built form.
(2)  This clause applies to a subdivision (being a subdivision that requires development consent) under the Community Land Development Act 1989 of land in any of the following zones—
(a)  Zone R2 Low Density Residential,
(b)  Zone R3 Medium Density Residential,
(c)  Zone R4 High Density Residential,
(d)  Zone B1 Neighbourhood Centre,
(e)  Zone B2 Local Centre,
(f)  Zone B3 Commercial Core,
(g)  Zone B4 Mixed Use,
(h)  Zone B5 Business Development,
(i)  Zone IN1 General Industrial,
(j)  Zone IN2 Light Industrial,
(k)  Zone IN3 Heavy Industrial,
(ka)  Zone E2 Environmental Conservation,
(kb)  Zone E3 Environmental Management,
(l)  Zone E4 Environmental Living,
but does not apply to a subdivision by the registration of a strata plan.
(3)  The size of any lot resulting from a subdivision of land to which this clause applies (other than any lot comprising association property within the meaning of the Community Land Development Act 1989) is not to be less than the minimum size shown on the Lot Size Map in relation to that land.
(4)  This clause applies despite clause 4.1.