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Lane Cove Local Environmental Plan 2009
Current version for 8 November 2019 to date (accessed 16 December 2019 at 11:46)
Part 1 Clause 1.2
1.2   Aims of Plan
(1)  This Plan aims to make local environmental planning provisions for land in Lane Cove in accordance with the relevant standard environmental planning instrument under section 33A of the Act.
(2)  The particular aims of this Plan are as follows—
(a)  to establish, as the first land use priority, Lane Cove’s sustainability in environmental, social and economic terms, based on ecologically sustainable development, inter-generational equity, the application of the precautionary principle and the relationship of each property in Lane Cove with its locality,
(b)  to preserve and, where appropriate, improve the existing character, amenity and environmental quality of the land to which this Plan applies in accordance with the indicated expectations of the community,
(c)  in relation to residential development, to provide a housing mix and density that—
(i)  accords with urban consolidation principles, and
(ii)  is compatible with the existing environmental character of the locality, and
(iii)  has a sympathetic and harmonious relationship with adjoining development,
(d)  in relation to economic activities, to provide a hierarchy of retail, commercial and industrial activities that enables the employment capacity targets of the Metropolitan Strategy to be met, provides employment diversity and is compatible with local amenity, including the protection of the existing village atmosphere of the Lane Cove Town Centre,
(e)  in relation to the management of open space, public and privately-owned bushland, riparian and foreshore land—
(i)  to protect and, where possible, restore all bushland areas, including all rare and threatened species and communities, and
(ii)  to protect and, where possible, restore all riparian land along, and the inter-tidal zones and foreshores of, the Lane Cove River and Sydney Harbour and their tributary creeks, and
(iii)  to make more foreshore land available for public access, and
(iv)  to link existing open space areas for public enjoyment,
(f)  in relation to conservation—
(i)  to protect, maintain and effectively manage public and privately-owned watercourses and areas of riparian land, foreshores and bushland and, where possible, restore them to as close a state to natural as possible, and
(ii)  to ensure that development does not adversely affect the water quality or ecological systems of riparian land or other areas of natural environment, and
(iii)  to control all new buildings to ensure their compatibility with surrounding existing built form and natural environmental character, and
(iv)  to conserve heritage items,
(g)  in relation to community facilities, to provide for the range and types of accessible community facilities that meet the needs of the current and future residents and other users,
(h)  in relation to the principle of integrating land use and transport, to relate development to sustainable traffic levels,
(i)  in relation to accessibility, to increase the number of accessible properties and facilities in Lane Cove,
(j)  in relation to housing, to increase the number of affordable dwellings in Lane Cove and to promote housing choice.