State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
Current version for 1 July 2020 to date (accessed 15 August 2020 at 12:55)
2.72D   Development standards
The standards specified for that development are that the development must—
(a)  be carried out within 2 years of the declaration being made, and
(b)  be removed no more than 2 years after it is installed, and
(c)  not be used for a purpose other than a commercial or industrial purpose for which a building, significantly damaged by a bush fire, on the lot was lawfully used in the 12 months immediately before the building was significantly damaged by the bush fire, and
(d)  have appropriate foundations and structural support to ensure that it is safe and stable, and
(e)  if it is a shipping container—
(i)  have a maximum length of 12.5m, and
(ii)  have a maximum height of 3m, and
(iii)  have a maximum width of 2.5m, and
(f)  if it is a portable office—
(i)  have a maximum area of 36m2, and
(ii)  have a maximum height of 3m, and
(g)  be at least 1.2m clear of any 150mm diameter sewer main or 2m clear of any 225mm (or greater) diameter sewer main, and
(h)  be located at a distance from each lot boundary of at least—
(i)  if the adjoining lot is used for a residential purpose—5m, or
(ii)  if the adjoining lot is not used for a residential purpose—1m, and
(i)  not result in more than—
(i)  2 shipping containers installed on the lot, or
(ii)  2 portable offices installed on the lot, or
(iii)  1 shipping container and 1 portable office installed on the lot, and
(j)  not affect the means of egress from any building in an emergency, and
(k)  be installed so that roof water is disposed of without causing a nuisance to adjoining owners, and
(l)  not be installed over any easement, and
(m)  not be installed over drainage pipes or any house drainage pipelines unless access to the inspection openings is maintained at all times, and
(n)  if it contains plumbing fixtures—have those fixtures connected to an approved waste water treatment device or an approved connection to the sewer.
 The Food Act 2003, and the regulations under that Act, may contain additional requirements in relation to premises used by a food business in connection with the handling of food intended for sale.