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Contents (2008 - 572)
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State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
Historical version for 19 November 2014 to 31 December 2014 (accessed 5 April 2020 at 08:11) Current version
Part 8 Division 2 Subdivision 1
Subdivision 1 General development standards
8.3   Development standards
The development standards specified for that development are as follows:
(a)  the current use of the premises must be a lawful use,
(b)  if the building to which the development relates is subject to an alternative solution relating to a fire safety requirement, the development must be consistent with that alternative solution,
(c)  the development must not reduce the level of fire safety or structural integrity provided by an existing building,
(d)  the development must not alter or extend an existing fire sprinkler system if the level of fire hazard arising from the current use of the building exceeds the level of fire hazard for which the fire sprinkler system was designed and installed,
(e)  the development must not contravene any condition of an existing development consent that applies to the land relating to vehicle access and loading facilities or result in the reduction of any car parking on the land by more than 2 car spaces,
(f)  the development must not:
(i)  result in a change of classification of the building under the Act or the Building Code of Australia, or
(ii)  result in an increase in the gross floor area of any current lawful use, or
(iii)  affect any existing fire-resisting components of any building, or
(iv)  affect the means of egress from the building in an emergency,
(g)  if the development includes excavation (unless it is for the purpose of underground pipe work connecting the system to a water main)—any excavation that is more than 600mm in depth must be supported by a structure or a structural support that has been certified by a professional engineer, and must not:
(i)  be greater than 3m below ground level (existing), or
(ii)  be less than 1.5m from any lot boundary,
(h)  all stormwater drainage collected as a result of the development must be conveyed by a gravity fed or charged system to:
(i)  a public drainage system, or
(ii)  an inter-allotment drainage system, or
(iii)  an on-site disposal system,
(i)  all stormwater drainage systems within a lot where the development is being carried out, and the connection to a public or an inter-allotment drainage system, must:
(i)  if an approval is required under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993—be approved under that Act, or
(ii)  if an approval is not required under section 68 of the Local Government Act 1993—comply with any requirements for the disposal of stormwater drainage contained in a development control plan that is applicable to the land.