State Environmental Planning Policy No 71—Coastal Protection
Repealed version for 22 February 2014 to 2 April 2018 (accessed 29 May 2020 at 14:43)
Part 5 Clause 20
20   Preparation of master plans
(1)  A draft master plan may be prepared by or on behalf of the owner or lessee of the land concerned.
(2)  A draft master plan is to illustrate and demonstrate, where relevant, proposals for the following:
(a)  design principles drawn from an analysis of the site and its context,
(b)  desired future locality character,
(c)  the location of any development, considering the natural features of the site, including coastal processes and coastal hazards,
(d)  the scale of any development and its integration with the existing landscape,
(e)  phasing of development,
(f)  public access to and along the coastal foreshore,
(g)  pedestrian, cycle and road access and circulation networks,
(h)  subdivision pattern,
(i)  infrastructure provision,
(j)  building envelopes and built form controls,
(k)  heritage conservation,
(l)  remediation of the site,
(m)  provision of public facilities and services,
(n)  provision of open space, its function and landscaping,
(o)  conservation of water quality and use,
(p)  conservation of animals (within the meaning of the Threatened Species Conservation Act 1995) and plants (within the meaning of that Act), and their habitats,
(q)  conservation of fish (within the meaning of Part 7A of the Fisheries Management Act 1994) and marine vegetation (within the meaning of that Part), and their habitats.