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The NSW legislation website is underpinned by the data set developed by the Parliamentary Counsel's Office using Standard Generalised Markup Language (SGML), which is an International Standard (ISO8879) for the descriptive markup of documents.

The website is built using LEGIS, a document management system used by PCO to manage the complete lifecycle of legislation from the initial drafting of instruments through to the publication and ongoing maintenance of legislation. The website and LEGIS are both built using the TeraText® Database System which is a high-performance, highly scalable repository that natively supports both SGML and XML. The website and systems were developed by Leidos Pty Ltd.

The In Force database in XML format is available to download for free from links on each version in the In Force collection. See the DTD and information in XML files for the In Force collection. This XML data comprises all versions of both current and repealed consolidated legislation in the In Force database, but does not include the As Made database, Bills or the Gazette. The XML data reflects the updated legislation on In Force which is progressively updated on most days. To minimise possible effects on users of the legislation website, any processes to automatically look for and pick up updated XML data should be timed to run outside normal business hours in NSW.

PDF files generated from NSW legislation are delivered directly from the site's HTML using the Prince formatter by YesLogic Pty Ltd.

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