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Supreme Court Rules 1970
Current version for 6 January 2017 to date (accessed 28 April 2017 at 21:57)
Part 13 Rule 3
3   Manner in which recordings are to be made
(1)  Unless the Court orders otherwise and subject to any directions under rule 4, the recording of judgment remarks of the Court for broadcasts permitted by the Court is to be conducted in accordance with the requirements of this rule.
(2)  There is to be no more than one of each of the following allowed in the Court in connection with the recording of its judgment remarks:
(a)  a video camera operator,
(b)  a photographer,
(c)  a microphone operator.
(3)  Obtrusive microphones or wiring are not to be used in connection with the making of a recording.
(4)  Moving equipment is not to be used in connection with the making of a recording while the Court is in session.
(5)  Proceedings of the Court are not to be disrupted by the making of a recording (including from distracting sounds or lights).
(6)  The cost of installing, operating or removing any equipment required for the making of a recording (including any modifications made to existing equipment of the Court for that purpose) is to be borne by the news media organisation whose equipment is being used to make, or whose employees are involved in making, the recording and not by the Court.
(7)  Any recording equipment used to make a recording is not to display any trade mark, logo or other branding that identifies it as the equipment of any particular news media organisation.