Adoption Regulation 2003
Current version for 29 October 2014 to date (accessed 22 December 2014 at 09:16)
Part 4Clause 20

20   Removal of names from adoption register

(1)  The name of a person is to be removed from the adoption register:
(a)  on the making of an adoption order or interim order in favour of that person, or
(b)  on receipt by the Secretary of a notice in writing from that person requesting the removal of the person’s name, or
(c)  if, after reasonable inquiry, the person cannot be found, or
(d)  if, because of a change in the circumstances of the person existing at the time when the relevant decision-maker approved the person as suitable to adopt a child, the person is, in the opinion of the Secretary, no longer suitable to adopt a child, or
(e)  following a decision to decline to assess or approve, or a revocation of approval of, the person as suitable to adopt the child, or
(f)  in such other circumstances as the Secretary considers appropriate.
(2)  If a name removed at the request of the person concerned is the name of a person who applied jointly with another person for approval to enter his or her name in the adoption register, the name of that other person is, at the same time, to be removed from the adoption register.
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