Public Authorities Superannuation (Early Retirement Age) (Savings and Transitional) Regulation 1995
Current version for 25 August 1995 to date (accessed 28 January 2015 at 20:11)
Clause 4

4   Pension not available to transferred contributor taking early retirement

(1)  This clause applies to an employee:
(a)  who became a contributor under the Act pursuant to:
(i)  Schedule 6 or 7 to the Act, or
(ii)  the Public Authorities Superannuation (Transport Retirement Fund Closure) Regulation 1986, and
(b)  who retires from employment with an employer on or after reaching the early retirement age but before reaching the age of 60 years.
(2)  An employee to whom this clause applies may not elect to take a pension benefit instead of the benefit provided by section 26 of the Act.
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