Manly Local Environmental Plan 1988
Current version for 2 March 2012 to date (accessed 26 January 2015 at 19:25)
Part 3Clause 34

34   Classification and reclassification of public land as operational land

(1)  The public land described in Schedule 6 is classified, or reclassified, as operational land for the purposes of the Local Government Act 1993, subject to this clause.
(2)  Land described in Part 1 of Schedule 6 is not affected by the amendments made by the Local Government Amendment (Community Land Management) Act 1998 to section 30 of the Local Government Act 1993.
(3)  Land described in Columns 1 and 2 of Part 2 of Schedule 6, to the extent (if any) that it is a public reserve, ceases to be a public reserve on the commencement of the relevant amending plan and, by the operation of that plan, is discharged from all trusts, estates, interests, dedications, conditions, restrictions and covenants affecting the land or any part of the land except:
(a)  those (if any) specified for the land in Column 3 of Part 2 of Schedule 6, and
(b)  any reservations that except land out of a Crown grant relating to the land, and
(c)  reservations of minerals (within the meaning of the Crown Lands Act 1989).
(4)  In this clause, the relevant amending plan, in relation to land described in Part 2 of Schedule 6, means the local environmental plan that inserted the land description in that Part.
(5)  Before the relevant amending plan inserted a description of land into Part 2 of Schedule 6, the Governor approved of subclause (3) applying to the land.
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