State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008
Historical version for 8 July 2011 to 24 November 2011 (accessed 26 January 2015 at 01:17) Current version

3A.33   Swimming pools

(1)  Ancillary development comprising a swimming pool for private use must be located on a lot:
(a)  behind the setback area from a primary road, or
(b)  in the rear yard.
Note. Development for the purposes of a swimming pool is not complying development under this Code unless it is ancillary to a dwelling house.
(2)  The swimming pool water line must have a setback of at least 1m from a side or rear boundary.
(2A)  Despite subclauses (1) and (2), if the swimming pool is being constructed in a heritage conservation area, the swimming pool must be located:
(a)  behind the rear most building line of the dwelling house, and
(b)  no closer to each side boundary than the dwelling house.
(3)  Decking around a swimming pool must not be more than 600mm above ground level (existing).
(4)  Coping around a swimming pool must not be more than:
(a)  1.4m above ground level (existing), or
(b)  300mm wide if the coping is more than 600mm above ground level (existing).
(5)  Water from a swimming pool must be discharged in accordance with an approval under the Local Government Act 1993 if the lot is not connected to a sewer main.
(6)  Pumps attached to the development must be housed in a soundproof enclosure.
(7)  If the swimming pool is being constructed after, and at a different time to, the erection of a dwelling house on the lot, the development standards for this Code (other than the standards referred to in clause 3A.24 and this clause) do not apply to the construction.
Note. A child-resistant barrier must be constructed or installed in accordance with the requirements of the Swimming Pools Act 1992.
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