South Sydney Local Environmental Plan 1998
Current version for 20 September 2013 to date (accessed 27 January 2015 at 09:29)

50   Development in the vicinity of Elizabeth Bay House

(1)  The Council must not consent to the carrying out of development on land at No 26, 28, 30A, 30B or 32 Billyard Avenue, Elizabeth Bay, except with consent granted with the concurrence of the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales.
(2)  In determining any application for development on land referred to in subclause (1), the Council must take the following matters into consideration:
(a)  the impact of the proposed development on the historic and visual relationship between Port Jackson, the foreshore and Elizabeth Bay House, and
(b)  the views to and from Elizabeth Bay House and the McElhone Reserve, and
(c)  the impact of the bulk and height of, and the materials to be used in, the proposed development.
(3)  In deciding whether to grant concurrence required by subclause (1), the Historic Houses Trust of New South Wales must take into consideration the matters specified in subclause (2).
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