South Sydney Local Environmental Plan 1998
Current version for 20 September 2013 to date (accessed 31 January 2015 at 21:05)

44   Suspension of covenants, agreements and instruments

(1)  For the purpose of enabling development to be carried out in accordance with this plan (as in force at the time the development is carried out) or in accordance with a consent granted under the Act, the operation of any covenant, agreement or similar instrument that purports to impose restrictions on the carrying out of development on the land to which this plan applies, to the extent necessary to serve that purpose, shall not apply to any such development.
(2)  Nothing in subclause (1) affects the rights or interests of any public authority under any registered instrument.
(3)  Pursuant to section 28 of the Act, before the making of this clause the Governor approved of subclauses (1) and (2).
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