Fines Act 1996 No 99
Current version for 1 January 2015 to date (accessed 26 January 2015 at 09:19)

100   Time to pay

(1)  After a fine enforcement order is made and before a community service order is issued in the matter, an application for time to pay the fine may be made to the Commissioner by the fine defaulter.
(1A)  However, an application for time to pay a fine may be made before a fine enforcement order is made by:
(a)  a person who is in receipt of a Government benefit, or
(b)  a person who seeks a combined payment arrangement.
(2)  The Commissioner may, by order, allow further time to pay the fine if satisfied the application is genuine and it appears expedient to do so.
(3)  The Commissioner may:
(a)  extend the time for payment of the whole fine, or
(b)  allow the fine to be paid by instalments of such amounts, and at such times, as the Commissioner specifies.
(3A)  In particular, the Commissioner may allow a person to pay the fine in instalments, as a regular direct debit, if the Commissioner:
(a)  is satisfied that adequate arrangements are in place for such a regular payment to be made, and
(b)  agrees to the fine being paid in this manner.
(4)  If an instalment of a fine is not paid by the due date, the remaining instalments then become due and payable unless the Commissioner otherwise orders.
(4A)  An order allowing further time to pay a fine may be amended or revoked by a further order made on the application of the person liable to pay the fine or on the Commissioner’s own initiative.
(4B)  An order under this section may be made in relation to more than one fine and may provide for a combined payment arrangement.
(5)  Further enforcement action under this Part is suspended if an application for time to pay is granted and payment of the fine is made in accordance with the order of the Commissioner.
(6)  However, the Sheriff is not required to return any property seized under a property seizure order under Division 4, and a charge on land created under that Division need not be cancelled, until the fine is paid.
(7)  In this section, a combined payment arrangement means an arrangement for the payment of a fine or an amount payable under a penalty notice in conjunction with payment of another fine for which a fine enforcement order has been made.
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