Fines Act 1996 No 99
Current version for 19 December 2014 to date (accessed 23 December 2014 at 01:54)

95   Execution of warrant

(1)  If the fine defaulter who is committed to a correctional centre by a warrant under this Division is already in a correctional centre, the warrant may be executed by the officer in charge of the correctional centre or a person authorised by that officer. The warrant is executed by serving a copy of the warrant on the fine defaulter.
(2)  Notice is not required to be given to a fine defaulter of the proposed execution of a warrant under this Division.
(3)  However, a police officer executing a warrant under this Division may, in accordance with guidelines issued under section 120 or (subject to any such guidelines) issued by the Commissioner of Police, delay the execution of the warrant to enable the fine defaulter to pay the relevant outstanding fine or seek the cancellation of the warrant.
(4)  A police officer is to cease executing a warrant under this Division if the fine defaulter pays the relevant outstanding fine (whether to the police officer or in any other manner authorised by this Act).
(5)  The Commissioner of Fines Administration may cancel a warrant issued under this Division if the Commissioner considers that it is appropriate to do so.
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