Water Management Act 2000 No 92
Historical version for 1 January 2011 to 24 February 2011 (accessed 29 January 2015 at 03:12) Current version
Chapter 8Part 2Section 372A

372A   Metering equipment functions

(1) Conferral of metering equipment functions
The Ministerial Corporation may install, test and remove metering equipment.
(2)  If the regulations so provide, the Ministerial Corporation has the following functions:
(a)  to maintain, repair, modify and replace metering equipment (whether or not that equipment was installed by the Corporation),
(b)  to operate metering equipment.
(3)  Regulations under subsection (2) may provide that the Ministerial Corporation is, or is not, to exercise such functions to the exclusion of any other person and may limit the exercise of the functions to:
(a)  specified water sources or classes of water sources, or
(b)  a specified area, or
(c)  specified access licences or approvals or classes of access licences or approvals in specified areas, or
(d)  specified works or classes of works.
(4) Operation of section
The functions conferred by this section are in addition to any functions conferred on the Ministerial Corporation under this Act or the Water Act 1912 in relation to water management works or other works.
(5)  This section and any regulations made under this section have effect despite any other provision of this Act or the Water Act 1912.
(6)  A direction under section 326, or a condition of an access licence or approval, ceases to have effect during any period that the exercise of a function is conferred exclusively on the Ministerial Corporation by or under this section, if the direction or condition requires the exercise of, or relates to the exercise of, that function.
(7)  Subsection (6) does not affect the operation of, or enforcement of, a direction under section 326 or a condition of an access licence or approval in relation to any period before the direction or condition ceased to have effect.
(8)  In this section, a reference to an access licence or approval includes a reference to an entitlement (within the meaning of clause 2 of Schedule 10) that confers a corresponding authority.
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