Water Management Act 2000 No 92
Historical version for 26 February 2010 to 30 June 2010 (accessed 28 January 2015 at 15:13) Current version

156   Private irrigation board may apply to take over water supply works

(1)  A private irrigation board may apply to the Minister for authority to take over any water supply work that is located on an authorised site for that work.
(2)  The application:
(a)  must contain the names, addresses and occupations of the landholders of the lands on which the water supply work referred to in the application is or are proposed to be constructed or is or are located, and
(b)  must be accompanied by:
(i)  a plan showing those lands and the site on those lands of that water supply work, and
(ii)  particulars of the title of those lands.
(3)  The Minister must consider any such application, and may cause a notice containing particulars of the application to be published in the Gazette and in an appropriate newspaper.
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