Mental Health Act 1990 No 9
Repealed version for 2 June 2006 to 15 November 2007 (accessed 1 February 2015 at 01:39)

190   Notice of inquiry to obtain or determine consent

(1)  On making an application to the Tribunal under section 185 or 188 in respect of a person or patient, the medical superintendent must, in accordance with the regulations, do all such things as are reasonably practicable to give notice to the following persons of the application:
(a)  the nearest relative, if there is one, of the person or patient or a relative nominated by the person or patient,
(b)  the person’s or patient’s guardian, if any,
(c)  any personal friend or friends of the person or patient, up to 2 in number, who are known as his or her personal friends.
(2)  The medical superintendent must not, however, give notice to any person of an application under section 185 unless the person the subject of the application consents.
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