Sydney Water Act 1994 No 88
Current version for 8 January 2015 to date (accessed 31 January 2015 at 02:28)

27   Re-use of sewage effluent

(1)  Without limiting sections 21 and 22, the Corporation is to adopt as an ultimate aim the prevention of all dry weather discharges of sewage to waters, including from ocean outfalls, except to the extent that this is necessary to safeguard public health or prevent environmental degradation, or both.
(2)  The Corporation is to publish in the Gazette by 30 June 1995 a statement specifying the projected amount of sewage or effluent that it proposes will be re-used, intercepted or otherwise prevented from discharge, by 30 June 2000, into the ocean, waterways and other waters.
(3)  In respect of years after 30 June 2000, the Corporation is, on a 5 yearly basis, to review an increase in the projected amount applying under subsection (2) in the light of the aim referred to in subsection (1).
(4)  In reviewing the projected amounts, the Corporation is to have regard to reductions in the amount of sewage discharged by the Corporation due to any demand management provision in an operating licence.
(5)  Before specifying projections in accordance with this section, the Corporation must:
(a)  place the proposed projections on display for public comment for a period of 30 days after the date of publication of the notice referred to in paragraph (b), and
(b)  by notice published in a newspaper circulating throughout New South Wales, specify the place or places at which copies of the proposed projections may be inspected and the address to which public comments concerning the projections may be directed.
(6)  Any person may, within the period of 30 days referred to in subsection (5) (a), or such longer period as may be specified in the notice, direct comments concerning the proposed projections to the Corporation.
(7)  The Corporation must, when specifying projections, have regard to any public comments concerning the proposed projections that have been directed to it.
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