Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) No 86a
Current version for 19 December 2014 to date (accessed 22 December 2014 at 17:20)

50   Accreditation authority to monitor approved programs of study

(1)  The accreditation authority that accredited an approved program of study must monitor the program and the education provider that provides the program to ensure the authority continues to be satisfied the program and provider meet an approved accreditation standard for the health profession.
(2)  If the accreditation authority reasonably believes the program of study and education provider no longer meet an approved accreditation standard for the health profession, the accreditation authority must—
(a)  decide to—
(i)  impose the conditions on the accreditation that the accreditation authority considers necessary to ensure the program of study will meet the standard within a reasonable time; or
(ii)  revoke the accreditation of the program of study; and
(b)  give the National Board that approved the accredited program of study written notice of the accreditation authority’s decision.
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