Health Practitioner Regulation National Law (NSW) No 86a
Historical version for 7 January 2011 to 30 June 2011 (accessed 28 January 2015 at 12:23) Current version

289   Complaints and notifications being dealt with on participation day

(1)  This section applies if, immediately before the participation day for a participating jurisdiction, a local registration authority for the jurisdiction had started but not completed dealing with a complaint or notification about a person registered in a health profession by the authority.
(2)  From the participation day—
(a)  the complaint or notification is taken to be a notification made under this Law and is to be dealt with by the National Board for the health profession; and
(b)  the notification is to continue to be dealt with under the Act of the participating jurisdiction under which it was made, and any proceedings or appeal relating to the notification may be dealt with, as if that Act had not been repealed.
(3)  For the purposes of this section, the Act of the participating jurisdiction applies—
(a)  as if a reference to the local registration authority were a reference to the National Board; and
(b)  with any other changes that are necessary or convenient.
(4)  The National Board must give effect to a decision made on an inquiry, investigation, proceeding or appeal completed under the Act of the participating jurisdiction as if it were a decision under this Law.
(5)  This section does not apply to a co-regulatory jurisdiction.
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