Retirement Villages Act 1999 No 81
Current version for 3 January 2014 to date (accessed 26 January 2015 at 11:21)
Part 10ASection 182F

182F   Order for enforcement of charge

The Supreme Court may, on an application made under section 182E with respect to land within a retirement village:
(a)  order that land within the retirement village, in respect of which a charge is in force, is to be sold, and
(b)  appoint a person to act as the agent for the sale, and
(c)  make a determination as to the entitlements of each of the residents or former occupants of the retirement village, having regard to:
(i)  the refund entitlement of each resident or former occupant under their respective village contracts, and
(ii)  the dates on which charges were created under this Part with respect to those contracts, and
(d)  make such orders relating to the distribution of the proceeds of the sale as the Court thinks fit, having regard to the order that interests are to be satisfied in accordance with section 182G, and
(e)  make such other orders as the Court sees fit.
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