Mine Health and Safety Act 2004 No 74
Current version for 1 January 2014 to date (accessed 27 January 2015 at 01:25)

64   Duties of contractors regarding safe work method statement

(1)  A contractor must not undertake work at a mine unless the contractor:
(a)  has undertaken an assessment of the risks associated with the work to be carried out by the contractor, and
(b)  has prepared a written safe work method statement that includes a copy of the assessment of those risks, and
(c)  has provided a copy of that statement to a person designated by the operator of the mine.
(2)  A safe work method statement must:
(a)  describe how work is to be carried out, and
(b)  identify the work activities assessed as having safety and health risks, and
(c)  identify those safety and health risks, and
(d)  describe the control measures that will be applied to the work activities, and
(e)  make provision for any matters that may be required by the regulations.
(3)  A contractor:
(a)  must maintain and keep up-to-date the contractor’s safe work method statement, and
(b)  must provide a person designated by the operator with any changes made to the safe work method statement.
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