Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 No 71
Current version for 24 November 2014 to date (accessed 27 January 2015 at 23:24)
Part 1Section 8

8   Definition of ā€œauthorised representativeā€

(1)  In this Act, authorised representative, in relation to an individual, means:
(a)  an attorney for the individual under an enduring power of attorney, or
(b)  a guardian within the meaning of the Guardianship Act 1987, or a person responsible within the meaning of Part 5 of that Act, or
(c)  a person having parental responsibility for the individual, if the individual is a child, or
(d)  a person who is otherwise empowered under law to exercise any functions as an agent of or in the best interests of the individual.
(2)  A person is not an authorised representative of an individual for the purposes of this Act to the extent that acting as an authorised representative of the individual is inconsistent with an order made by a court or tribunal.
(3)  In this section:

child means an individual under 18 years of age.

parental responsibility, in relation to a child, means all the duties, powers, responsibility and authority which, by law, parents have in relation to their children.

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