Crown Lands Act 1989 No 6
Current version for 1 November 2014 to date (accessed 30 January 2015 at 23:27)
Part 7Division 5ASection 168A

168A   Definitions

In this Division:

Crown Lands Acts includes the Hay Irrigation Act 1902.

Crown tenure means any of the following:

(a)  a holding,
(b)  an enclosure permit,
(c)  a Commonwealth lease,
(d)  a lease under the Hay Irrigation Act 1902,
(e)  any lease or licence granted in respect of a reserve within the meaning of Part 5.

landholder means any person who, whether by reason of ownership or otherwise, is in lawful occupation or possession, or has lawful management or control, of private land or land that is the subject of, or is comprised in, a Crown tenure.

private land means any land (other than Crown land) that:

(a)  is subject to a restriction on use (including a restriction relating to subdivision or separate dealing) or public positive covenant imposed, or taken to have been imposed, by the Minister under Part 4A whether before or after the commencement of this Division, or
(b)  is held subject to a recorded condition (whether recorded before or after the commencement of this Division).

recorded condition means a condition to which a recording under section 36 (4) (a), 37 (2) (a) or 38 (a) relates.

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