Sporting Venues (Invasions) Act 2003 No 44
Current version for 28 October 2009 to date (accessed 27 January 2015 at 03:27)
Part 2Section 7

7   Part extended to all major event venues

(1)  A person who is banned under any of the following provisions from entering a major event venue as a result of a contravention of a law at a major event match is (while so banned) also banned from entering any other venue of that major event on any day that a major event match is held there:
(a)  this Part,
(b)  clause 16 of the Sydney Cricket Ground and Sydney Football Stadium By-law 2009,
(c)  clause 18 of the Sydney Olympic Park Authority Regulation 2007.
(2)  For the purposes of this Part:

major event has the same meaning as in the Major Events Act 2009.

major event match means a match of a major event that is a sporting competition.

major event venue means a sporting venue in the State that is the venue for a major event match.

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