Water Act 1912 No 44
Historical version for 1 January 2001 to 19 December 2002 (accessed 29 January 2015 at 15:19) Current version
Part 5Division 1Section 105

105   Definitions

In this Part, except in so far as the context or subject-matter otherwise indicates or requires:

Artesian well includes an artesian well from which the water does not flow naturally, but has to be raised by pumping or other artificial means, and

Bore means any bore or well or any excavation or other work connected or proposed to be connected with sources of sub-surface water and used or proposed to be used or capable of being used to obtain supplies of such water whether the water flows naturally at all times or has to be raised either wholly or at times by pumping or other artificial means, but does not include a work to which Part 2 extends.

Licence means a licence in force under this Part.

Sub-surface water means water under the surface of the ground whatever may be the geological structure in which it is standing or moving.

Sub-surface water basin means land overlying, as nearly as may be determined by known facts, a distinct body of sub-surface water.

Water allocation, in relation to a licence, means the volume of water to which the licensee of the bore is restricted by means of a condition of the licence referred to in section 115 or 116 or by means of a notice referred to in section 117A (3) (a).

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