Water Act 1912 No 44
Historical version for 13 May 2009 to 5 July 2009 (accessed 31 January 2015 at 02:28) Current version
Part 2Division 5Section 22BB

22BB   Invalidation of applications for entitlements in respect of dams

(1)  In this section:

dam includes any work used for the purposes of water storage or conservation, but does not include any such work that, in the opinion of the Ministerial Corporation, is used for environmental purposes.

entitlement means a licence, permit, authority or group licence.

(2)  The Ministerial Corporation may, by order published in the Gazette, declare that, until the order is revoked, an application for an entitlement in respect of a dam or class of dam specified in the order may not be made after a specified date (being a date not earlier than the date of publication).
(3)  If an application for an entitlement in respect of a dam to which any such order relates is made while the order is in force, the application is invalid and must be rejected by the Ministerial Corporation.
(4)  The provisions of section 22BA (3) and (4) apply to an order under this section in the same way as those provisions apply to an order under section 22BA.
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