Insurance Protection Tax Act 2001 No 40
Current version for 28 June 2010 to date (accessed 30 January 2015 at 18:53)
Part 3ASection 16A

16A   Declaration of insolvent insurers

(1)  If the Treasurer is satisfied that a liquidator or provisional liquidator has been appointed in respect of an insurer, or that an insurer has been dissolved, the Treasurer may, by order published in the Gazette, declare that the insurer is a declared insolvent insurer for the purposes of this Part.
(2)  The following insurers are taken to have been declared by order under this section to be declared insolvent insurers for the purposes of this Part on 15 March 2001 (the date on which a provisional liquidator was appointed in respect of those insurers):
(a)  HIH Casualty and General Insurance Limited,
(b)  FAI General Insurance Company Limited,
(c)  CIC Insurance Limited.
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