National Environment Protection Council (New South Wales) Act 1995 No 4
Current version for 6 July 2004 to date (accessed 1 February 2015 at 03:09)
Part 1Section 6

6   Definitions

(1)  In this Act, unless the contrary intention appears:

Agreement means the agreement made on 1 May 1992 between the Commonwealth, the States, the Australian Capital Territory, the Northern Territory and the Australian Local Government Association, a copy of which is set out in the Schedule.

Australian Local Government Association means the Australian Local Government Association Limited.

Commonwealth Act means the National Environment Protection Council Act 1994 of the Commonwealth.

Council means the National Environment Protection Council established by section 8.

member means a member of the Council.

Ministerial Council means a council, comprising one or more Ministers of the Commonwealth and Ministers of one or more of the States or Territories, that includes environmental protection in its functions.

minor variation, in relation to a national environment protection measure, means a decision made under section 22A (1) to vary a national environment protection measure.

national environment protection goal means a goal:

(a)  that relates to desired environmental outcomes, and
(b)  that guides the formulation of strategies for the management of human activities that may affect the environment.

national environment protection guideline means a guideline that gives guidance on possible means for achieving desired environmental outcomes.

national environment protection measure means a measure made under section 14 (1).

national environment protection protocol means a protocol that relates to the process to be followed in measuring environmental characteristics to determine:

(a)  whether a particular standard or goal is being met or achieved, or
(b)  the extent of the difference between the measured characteristic of the environment and a particular standard or a particular goal.

national environment protection standard means a standard that consists of quantifiable characteristics of the environment against which environmental quality can be assessed.

NEPC Committee means the committee established by section 29.

NEPC Executive Officer means the person who, from time to time, holds the office of NEPC Executive Officer established by section 39 and includes a person acting in that office.

NEPC Service Corporation means the Corporation referred to in section 35.

participating jurisdiction means the Commonwealth, a participating State or a participating Territory.

participating State means a State:

(a)  that is a party to the Agreement, and
(b)  in which an Act that corresponds to this Act is in force in accordance with the Agreement.

participating Territory means a Territory:

(a)  that is a party to the Agreement, and
(b)  in which an Act that corresponds to this Act is in force in accordance with the Agreement.

Service Corporation means the NEPC Service Corporation.

Territory means the Australian Capital Territory or the Northern Territory.

(2)  A reference in this Act to the implementation of national environment protection measures includes a reference to the enforcement of the laws and other arrangements made for the purpose of implementing those measures.
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