Fisheries Management Act 1994 No 38
Historical version for 2 March 2012 to 8 March 2012 (accessed 19 December 2014 at 13:17) Current version

40   Regulations relating to general management of fisheries

(1)  The regulations may make provision for or with respect to any matter relating to the management of fishery resources.
(2)  In particular, the regulations may make provision for or with respect to the following:
(a)  the development of plans for the management of fishery resources and the establishment of planning committees for that purpose,
(b)  preventing interference with the fishing activities of fishers,
(c)  preventing interference with set fishing gear,
(d)  determining the priority between fishers engaged in fishing activities in the same area,
(d1)  regulating recreational fishing competitions (including requiring a permit for any such competition and prescribing a fee for the issue of a permit),
(d2)  prohibiting the possession or receipt of fish illegally taken, processed or dealt with in any place outside the State,
(e)  prohibiting the use of explosives, electrical devices or other dangerous substances for the purpose of taking fish and regulating the use of explosives, electrical devices and other dangerous substances in any waters,
(f)  the identification of fishing boats,
(g)  the tagging or other identification of fish taken from any waters,
(h)  the identification of containers of fish consigned for sale,
(i)  the shucking, cutting or other processing of fish before they are landed or sold,
(j)  the taking and use of bait for fishing,
(k)  the measurement of fishing gear,
(l)  the period and manner of any consultation required to be undertaken under this Act so that the persons concerned are fully consulted,
(m)  the fees payable in respect of an application for, or the issue of, a permit under this Act.
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