Roads Act 1993 No 33
Current version for 1 December 2014 to date (accessed 28 January 2015 at 07:59)

221   Roads authority to supply RMS with plans and specifications

(1)  Before carrying out any work for which it proposes to require a roads authority to pay the whole or any part of the cost, RMS:
(a)  must provide the roads authority with plans and specifications of the work, and
(b)  must serve notice on the roads authority of its proposal and of its estimate of the cost of the work.
(2)  If, within 90 days after service of the notice, the roads authority makes written submissions to RMS in relation to the matters specified in the notice, RMS must give the roads authority written notice of RMS’s decision in relation to the submissions:
(a)  if the roads authority has indicated that it wishes to be heard and to call evidence in relation to the matter, within 28 days after hearing the roads authority, or
(b)  in any other case, within 28 days after receiving the submissions.
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