Local Government Act 1993 No 30
Historical version for 17 July 2001 to 31 August 2001 (accessed 28 January 2015 at 01:24) Current version

601   Hardship resulting from certain valuation changes

(1)  A ratepayer who, as a consequence of the making and levying of a rate on a valuation having a later base date than any valuation previously used by a council for the making and levying of a rate, suffers substantial hardship, may apply to the council for relief under this section.
(2)  The council has a discretion to waive, reduce or defer the payment of the whole or any part of the increase in the amount of the rate payable by the ratepayer in such circumstances, for such period and subject to such conditions as it thinks fit.
(3)  An applicant who is dissatisfied with a council’s decision under this section may request the council to review its decision and the council, at its discretion, may do so.
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