Local Government Act 1993 No 30
Current version for 1 January 2015 to date (accessed 1 February 2015 at 01:36)

Division 1 Code of meeting practice

360   Conduct of meetings of councils and committees

(1)  The regulations may make provision with respect to the conduct of meetings of councils and committees of councils of which all the members are councillors.
(2)  A council may adopt a code of meeting practice that incorporates the regulations made for the purposes of this section and supplements those regulations with provisions that are not inconsistent with them.
(3)  A council and a committee of the council of which all the members are councillors must conduct its meetings in accordance with the code of meeting practice adopted by it.

361   Preparation, public notice and exhibition of draft code

(1)  Before adopting a code of meeting practice, a council must prepare a draft code.
(2)  The council must give public notice of the draft code after it is prepared.
(3)  The period of public exhibition must not be less than 28 days.
(4)  The public notice must also specify a period of not less than 42 days after the date on which the draft code is placed on public exhibition during which submissions may be made to the council.
(5)  The council must publicly exhibit the draft code in accordance with its notice.

362   Adoption of draft code

(1)  After considering all submissions received by it concerning the draft code, the council may decide:
(a)  to amend those provisions of its draft code that supplement the regulations made for the purposes of section 360, or
(b)  to adopt the draft code as its code of meeting practice.
(2)  If the council decides to amend its draft code, it may publicly exhibit the amended draft in accordance with this Division or, if the council is of the opinion that the amendments are not substantial, it may adopt the amended draft code without public exhibition as its code of meeting practice.

363   Amendment of the code

A council may amend a code adopted under this Part by means only of a code so adopted.

364   Public availability of the code

(1)  The code of meeting practice adopted under this Division by a council must be available for public inspection free of charge at the office of the council during ordinary office hours.
(2)  Copies of the code must be available free of charge or, if the council determines, on payment of the approved fee.
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