State Authorities Superannuation Act 1987 No 211
Current version for 1 January 2015 to date (accessed 28 January 2015 at 15:12)
Part 3Section 29A

29A   Other contributions by contributors

(1)  A contributor, who is not required by this Act to contribute to the Fund under this Act merely because the contributor is on authorised leave without pay as an employee, is entitled to remain a contributor to the Fund even though the contributor is not contributing to the Fund.
(2)  This section applies to a contributor only if:
(a)  the leave is for the purposes of raising children of whom the contributor is a parent, or for whom he or she has assumed the responsibility of a parent, and
(b)  he or she has been on that leave for less than 7 years consecutively, and
(c)  he or she has a statutory or contractual right to resume employment at the end of the leave.
(3)  A contribution period in respect of which a contributor is a contributor to whom this section applies is not an applicable contribution period in relation to the contributor.
(4)  This section has effect despite section 29.
(5)  In this section:

authorised leave means:

(a)  leave approved by the contributor’s employer, or
(b)  leave authorised by an agreement certified, or an award made, by a tribunal or body having the authority to do so under a law of the State or the Commonwealth.

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