Criminal Procedure Act 1986 No 209
Historical version for 29 June 2000 to 30 July 2000 (accessed 29 January 2015 at 05:12) Current version
Part 4Division 5Section 114

114   Evidentiary effect of certain transcripts

(1)  If a deposition referred to in section 112 or 113 is in the form of a written transcript of matter recorded by means, other than writing, authorised by law for the recording of depositions:
(a)  the record so made is taken to be a true record of the matter so deposed, and
(b)  the transcript of the record is taken to be a correct transcript of that record,
unless proved to the contrary.
(2)  Subsection (1) applies only to:
(a)  a transcript made in the form of shorthand notes, being a transcript identified by, and signed in the handwriting of, the person purporting to have made those notes, or
(b)  a transcript made by other means (other than writing) authorised by law for the recording of depositions, being a transcript certified in the manner prescribed by the regulations made under the Justices Act 1902.
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