Criminal Procedure Act 1986 No 209
Current version for 8 January 2015 to date (accessed 31 January 2015 at 21:07)
Chapter 6Part 2Section 280

280   Disclosure of address or telephone number of witness

(1)  A witness in proceedings for an offence, or a person who makes a written statement that is likely to be produced in proceedings for an offence, is not required to disclose his or her address or telephone number, unless:
(a)  the address or telephone number is a materially relevant part of the evidence, or
(b)  the court makes an order requiring the disclosure.
(2)  An application for such an order may be made by the prosecution or the defence.
(3)  The court may make such an order only if it is satisfied that disclosure is not likely to present a reasonably ascertainable risk to the welfare or protection of any person or that the interests of justice outweigh any such risk.
(4)  An address or telephone number that is not required to be disclosed and that is contained in a written statement may, without reference to the person who made the written statement, be deleted from the statement, or rendered illegible, before the statement is produced in court or given to the accused person.
(5)  A written statement is not inadmissible as evidence on the ground that it either does or does not disclose any such address or telephone number as referred to in this section.
(6)  This section does not prevent the disclosure of an address in a written statement if the statement does not identify it as a particular person’s address.
(7)  (Repealed)
(8)  In this section:

address includes a private, business or official address.

telephone number includes a private, business or official telephone number.

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