Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 No 203
Current version for 1 January 2015 to date (accessed 27 January 2015 at 19:22)
Part 6Division 2CSubdivision 1

Subdivision 1 Preliminary

122G   Purposes for which powers under Division may be exercised

(1)  Powers may be exercised under this Division for the following purposes:
(a)  for enabling the Minister or Secretary to exercise their functions under this Act,
(b)  for determining whether there has been compliance with or a contravention of this Act, the regulations, any environmental planning instrument, any approval under Part 3A or Part 5.1 or any development consent under Part 4 or any document or requirement issued or made under this Act,
(c)  for obtaining information or records for purposes connected with the administration of this Act,
(d)  generally for administering this Act and securing the objects of this Act.
(2)  Powers are not to be exercised under this Division for the purpose only of investigating the exercise of the statutory functions of a council under this Act.
(3)  Nothing in this Division affects any function under any other part of this Act or under any other Act.

122H   Definitions: Division 2C

In this Division:

authorised officer means a person appointed under section 122I.

occupier of premises means the person who has the management or control of the premises.

records includes plans, specifications, maps, reports, books and other documents (whether in writing, in electronic form or otherwise).

122I   Appointment of authorised officers

(1)  The Secretary may appoint any person (including a class of persons) as an authorised officer for the purposes of this Division.
(2)  An authorisation of a person as an authorised officer can be given generally, or subject to conditions, limitations or restrictions or only for limited purposes.
(3)  Every authorised officer is to be provided with an identification card as an authorised officer by the Secretary.
(3A)  If persons of a class are appointed as authorised officers, they need not be provided with identification cards if the Secretary is satisfied that they possess adequate identification as persons of that class.
(4)  In the course of exercising the functions of an authorised officer under this Division, the officer must, if requested to do so by any person affected by the exercise of any such function, produce the officer’s identification card to the person.
(5)  In subsection (4), identification card means an identification card provided under subsection (3) or identification of the kind referred to in subsection (3A).
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